Tibet - China (2004)

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The weather is getting worse
Lunch while it's snowing
Morning sun on Makalu and Chomolonzo
View of the Kanshung valley
View of the Kanshung valley, eastwards
A glimpse of Mount Everest
A small lake
Walking along the mountainside
Mount Everest
Chomolonzo in the morning sun
Lunch with Chomolonzo in the background
Walking towards Mount Everest
Mount Everest and Lhotse
The group in front of Mount Everest
Camping at 5000m altitude
Chomolonzo covered in clouds
Camping at 5000m altitude
Descending in bad weather
Waiting for the yaks to arive
A snow coverd camp
Chomolonzo in the clouds
Strangely shaped clouds
Ascending between snow coverded bushes
The yaks ascending
View in the direction of Mount Everest
View of a glacier
A snowy camp

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