Tibet - China (2004)

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Entrance to The Potala
Introduction speach from our guide
The Potala
The Potala
Camping at Ganden Monastery
Demonstration high-altitude pressure bag
Ganden Monastery
Prayer flags at the Ganden Monastery Kora
Prayer flags at the Ganden Monastery Kora
View from the Ganden Monastery Kora
Gentian flowers
Yaks for our luggage
Start of our trek from Ganden to Samye
Gentian flowers
Descending towards Hepu village
Working in the fields
Tibetan children
Ascending towards Shug-la
On top of Shug-la (5250m)
View from Shug-la
Climbing towards Chitu-la
A snow covered landscape
Lunch at Chitu-la (5100m)
Lakes at Chitu-la
Nomad tent
Tibetan pilgrim
A nicely decorated yak

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